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My work experience, coupled with my belief in the concepts of Human Centered Design and Design Thinking, have led me to believe that any problem can be found and solved with the right approach. I see design as an iterative process and the application of different methods to the same problem enables new ideas and innovation to flourish. I believe that design is not limited to visual or material things. It can be applied to business models, corporate visions and much more.


Although I believe that professional design is pretty much about taking the right approach and adopting a corresponding mindset, I also believe that it is important to master the craft of it as well. I mainly focus on building user interfaces and improving user experience, but I have a broad background in a range of areas like motion design, 3D modeling, illustration, character design, videography and photography.


I believe that when you are designing digital products or services, understanding how they work at their core offers a huge competitive advantage. That's why I often code in my spare time. For instance I coded this website with Gatsby.js and currently I’m working with TypeDigital on the implementation of Hellonaut in React Native. What truly fascinates me about programming is not just the code itself but the agile practices like Scrum or Kanban.

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About me

As an open-minded, creative and versatile person, I love new challenges and a fresh breeze. Right now I'm working on living a more sustainable lifestyle, while training my understanding in Spanish to soon understand every joke of Goyo Jiménez (I already understand jokes in German and English). Currently I’m living in Barcelona – so in my spare time you’ll find me enjoying life with tapas, the sun and swallowing grapes on New Year’s Eve.


As I mentioned above, Human Centered Design and Design Thinking have had a significant influence on my approach to design. I am convinced that innovation must not only offer technical feasibility, but must also offer a clear benefit to the user. Throughout the design process, I attach great importance to co-creation, rapid prototyping and learning from mistakes. I like to share my knowledge with others and I am a big fan of self-managing teams and Design Sprints.


At the age of 16, I started my career as a designer. As part of an apprenticeship, I used to work mainly on print products, while focusing on Photography and Videography in my spare time. Later, I studied the interdisciplinary course Interactive Media at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg and worked for IXDS in Berlin with well-known companies such as Volkswagen, Telekom, BVG and many others. Recently I worked at Team23 GmbH mainly on internal projects, whilst simultaneously trying my luck with founding my own startup. I have been invited to speak at a variety of different events and courses, including guest lecturing for the Master’s course Interactive Media Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.