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Jonathan Stütz

Jonathan Stütz
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Gill Sans – Typo App

In this application, character traits of the font "Gill Sans" are conveyed playfully through interaction. There...


g Gill Sans

Processing Typo App

In this application, character traits of the font „Gill Sans“ are conveyed playfully through interaction. There are prominent examples, special features and classification of the font. In doing so, I waived explanations and tried to raise the user’s sensibility through interactive experiences for the script.

Visual Design

The Gill Sans is a sans-serif Linearantiqua, which is inspired by the Renaissance Antiqua. Their clear, concise and modern appearance was taken up during the design of the application. The viewer should be able to focus on the effect of the font and not be distracted by other graphical elements.

In order to make the contrast of black and white on the screen more comfortable for the user and to make the edges look sharper, neither 100% white nor 100% black was used.

An additional color has been added, which is always used when there is an option to interacte. The colored elements are related to one another.


The user navigates within this application only with the mouse. A rough overview provides the main menu, which the user calls by clicking on the menu icon. The title of the active page is highlighted by a 100% opacity.

Navigation Typo App

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