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Jonathan Stütz

Jonathan Stütz
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Puppenkisten Zeitmaschine – interactive Installation

Experience the history of "Augsburger Puppenkiste" in an interactive way My team and I developed an...


Experience the history of „Augsburger Puppenkiste“ in an interactive way

My team and I developed an interactive museum installation as part of the „Interactive Media“ seminar at the University of Augsburg and the digital modernization of the „Augsburger Puppenkiste“ museum. The „Puppenkisten-Zeitmaschine“ was developed in close collaboration with the supervisors Benjamin Stechele and Manuel Piepereit, active in the renowned Augsburger agencies „Lab BINÆR“ and „Neonpastell„.

An operable machine

The „Puppenkisten-Zeitmaschine“ shows a fictitious clockwork, which will be installed on a wall in the entrance area of ​​the museum in the near future and will replace the present time beam in the form of a long labeled banner. The modern installation does not consist of real parts, but is applied as a light projection from the ceiling to the round surfaces. These surfaces serve as simplified representatives of the elements, such as, for example, cogwheels. Slightly offset from the center is the large dial with dark markings. Its pointer can be rotated manually and offers visitors the opportunity to interact.
The user selects one of eight chapters using the numeric keypad. For visitors from all over the world, there is also a sensitive switch for changing the language. By activating a start button in the middle of the installation, the projection of the movement disappears and finally provides space for animated short films, which are stylistically based on the narrative of the „Puppenkiste“. The animations show the visitors important milestones of the theater and tell their story entertainingly. The „puppet-box-time machine“ is thus itself the theater, which the chronicle of the Augsburger Puppenkiste listed.

interactive museum installation

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