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Jonathan Stütz
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The Robots – Music Visualisation

A visualization of the track "The Robots" (1977) by Kraftwerk in two different design approaches as...




A visualization of the track „The Robots“ (1977) by Kraftwerk in two different design approaches as a poster. Sound, rhythm and harmony are expressed by a single frame – in this case a poster.

Music visualisation on a poster

Poster #1

What could sound, rhythm, harmony and tempo represent better than the waveform of the respective audio track? This poster shows the audio track of the song „The Robots“ by Kraftwerk. Simple and effective. This simplicity fits particularly well in the case of Kraftwerk. Because their hypnotic and effective kind of music is limited to only a few instruments.
The Robots - Kraftwerk

Poster #2

The members of the band Kraftwerk are seen as pioneers of electronic music. Her hypnotic music style puts the listener almost in trance, which I tried to represent in in the following poster. It should be uncomplicated, structured and precisely designed. A challenge which I noticed during the design process is representing the time, which is not that easy if you design for a two-dimensional medium like a poster. The poster can be interpreted in different ways. The circles that grow outwards like waves, for example, arise when a stone is thrown into the water. They spread, as well as sound, when a sound is produced. At the same time, the circles can act like a tunnel – thus also the very simple forms give a depth and thus a certain space and sense of time. On closer inspection, it is noticeable that not only three squares can be seen here.