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Der Brotladen – Branding

The Brotladen is a fictional bakery for music and culture ... an event that regularly takes...



The Brotladen is a fictional bakery for music and culture … an event that regularly takes place in renowned clubs in Augsburg. The event series was organized by Tobias Manuel Schulz, Dino Kastenmueller and myself. An important feature of our brand is the corporate identity, so all our advertising and visuals have a similar style. You can find more about visuals, projection mapping and video clips at the „Brotladen“ here.

Brotladen Logo

The Story

Together with a fellow student Tobias Manuel Schulz, I organized a special event of the Faculty of Design at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in December 2014. In doing so, we established contacts with different locations, took care of music-visuals, designed posters and flyers and organized DJs. The first official event under the name „Brotladen“ took place on 19.03.2015. For these, we gathered up another fellow student (Dino Kastenmueller).

The event was a great success and became an integral part of a well known club in Augsburg.


The name „Brotladen“ goes back to a play by Bertolt Brecht. His then work „Der Brotladen“ was regarded as the forerunner of his drama „Saint Joan of the Stockyards“.

Posters & CI

Our flyers and posters have a strict CI. This is intended to create a recognition value that burns this brand into the memory of the viewer. This red thread is however also passed on the flyer design and the posters. Our posters are often the basis to create new music-visuals that we screen in the club.

Der Brotladen

2 Jahre Brotladen

Brotladen Flyer

Underyourskin showcase

Plakat 3

Plakat 2

Plakat 1

Banner Party 1

Brotladen Banner

Podcast Just Emma

Brotladen Banner

Der Brotladen Sticker