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Brotladen – Moving Image

The Brotladen is a fictional bakery for music and culture ... an event that regularly takes...


The Brotladen is a fictional bakery for music and culture … an event that regularly takes place in renowned clubs in Augsburg. The event series was organized by Tobias Manuel Schulz, Dino Kastenmueller and myself. An important feature of our brand is the corporate identity, so all our advertising and visuals have a similar style. Find out more about the origins and background of the Brotladen here.


Der Brotladen und Distant Grounds am 18.06.Der perfekte Anlass um sich wegzubeamen!

Posted by Der Brotladen on Samstag, 13. Juni 2015

In this category, there are two different use cases that are partially overlapping. The first section is the music-visuals, with which we support the music, create moods and give our series of events a certain individuality. Another purpose is to promote small advertising, which is mainly published on Facebook.


In order to stand out from other events on social media platforms, we often create small animations  out of our flyers and posters.

DO // 26.11 // Dan Grassler // Stefanie RaschkeMacht euch bereit für die zwei jungen Jedis Stefanie Raschke (Wannda ) und Dan Grassler (Musica Autonomica )Geehrt wir uns fühlen, feiern wir müssen!https://www.facebook.com/events/891970127561111/

Posted by Der Brotladen on Dienstag, 24. November 2015

DO // 29.10 // schwarzes SchafKnusper, knusper knäuschen – Wir sind ganz aus dem Häuschen :)Just Emma, Innellea & Kapalke im Schwarzes Schaf :)https://www.facebook.com/events/542728082548466/

Posted by Der Brotladen on Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015


Most of our VJ clips were created with After Effects, but we also have generic videos that we created with Processing. Since we work in the some event locations with several projectors (which are connected in series) at the same time, we have a quite specific aspect ratio sometimes.

Visuals Brotladen

generatives Design


band des Brotladens

Der Brotladen dreht sich


Projection Mapping

The picture (below) shows our first projection mapping on a self-made construction in the form of the brotladen logo. At that time, this form was not mapped exactly but possible because of a mask in AfterEffects. We now use professional software like Resolume Arena 4 for such installations.

Projection Mapping

Moving Image at the Brotladen