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Jonathan Stütz

Jonathan Stütz
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Alien KaKa – storytelling and interactive installation

The Distant Grounds Festival happens once a year. It's a rather small festival with a familiar atmosphere that...


Thumbnail UFO

Processing KaKa

The Distant Grounds Festival happens once a year. It’s a rather small festival with a familiar atmosphere that can only exist because of al it’s great contributors and friends: Greek mamas cooking for the whole crew, landscape gardeners creating the festival ground and different areas, craftsmen working on bars and stages, hobby-tailors creating sun protections and sails and some other guys a working on decoration. Sounds great right? Yes, it absolutely is!
My good friend Johannes Fuhg and I created an interactive Installation.


Tuesday Night – The festival visitors are dancing in front of the stage, chatting at the bar, lay on the beach or at the bonfire, when suddenly the electricity fails. After a short moment of absolute silence the huge screen (next to the stage) starts to flicker. A mysterious life form from outta space appears – The festival visitors are perplexed and start to gather around the screen to figure out what the extraterrestrial will tell them…


The alien KaKa got in contact with the people of the DG-Festival to carry out an important research project. In the long-term observation of our species, it was found that, despite their irresponsible and destructive way of life, humans have qualities that enable them to create art – Humanity calls this skills „emotions“. To figure out more about this, KaKa needs research data that can only be generated by the interaction of festival visitors. In order to be able to take a close look at auditive art, he needs a piece of music that is created by a subject on a technical device in real-time. Later on another volunteer has to paint a picture by controlling a UFO – in that way KaKa can also capture visual art.

In the following night, KaKa is back again and informs the festival visitors that the research data has now been evaluated. He understood the „concept of feelings“ and reported on his journey on earth, which he took to test his new abilities. He shows the viewers a slideshow, in which the best moments of his visit were recorded.

hallo inhabitants of the earth

KaKa emotions


In order to realize such an extensive project, I worked with my good friend Johannes Fuhg, who initially concentrated on the modeling of the character in ZBrush, as well as rigging, texturing and animation in Cinema 4D. In order to ensure a credible communication of the alien, we developed their own language with vocabulary and grammar, recorded it with the microphone and distorted it.

In order to ensure interaction and enable visitors to realize art in real time on the screen, I created an application in processing where the video is played and tasks like music can be produced and painted with a UFO.

Distant Grounds creating music

UFO painting Distant Grounds

The pictures presented in the second act of KaKa were created with Cinema 4D and Photoshop. First, the character had to be placed in the right position and adapted to the natural light conditions. The integration into the photographs took place with Photoshop.



3 nice guys


party in Nuremberg

KaKa Photoshopwiz

interactive installation & storytelling


(Application is only compatible with Processing 2 – Operate with WASD & Up, Down, Left, Right)